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On Saturday 9th November, 2013, we presented a one-day conference on


The conference provided an opportunity for interested members of the public, herbalists and other healthcare professionals to reflect upon the essential principles and values that underlie the practice of herbal medicine, and to raise awareness of the singular gift that herbalism has to give to a needful world. In the face of an increasingly hostile political and economic environment, this conference was organised out of a concern for how the future of herbal medicine can best be fostered and protected. The conference included presentations from eminent practitioners of four of the major traditions of herbalism: Chris Etheridge (Western), Ming Zhao Cheng (Chinese), Mingji Cuomu (Tibetan) and Sebastian Pole (Ayurvedic). The conference was chaired by Michael McIntyre.


9.30am Arrival of participants

10.00am Michael McIntyre introduces the day

10.30 Chris Etheridge, PhD, MCPP:
Western Herbal Medicine: Philosophy and Modern Practice
Chris Etheridge will discuss the core philosophy and practice of modern Herbal Medicine (Phytotherapy), outlining the relation between the therapeutic actions of herbs and their chemical components. He will explore how Herbal Medicine today draws from an understanding of three key areas: scientific research into the healing properties of herbs; the traditional uses of herbal medicine; and successful results from clinical practice. Chris will also address the topical issues of effective quality control and safety in Herbal Medicine.

11.30 Herbal Tea Break

12.00pm Sebastian Pole, MAPA, MRCHM:
Sustainable Health with Ayurveda
This talk will focus on the roots of Ayurveda and how these insights inspire sustainable health. Ayrurveda’s goal of ‘perfect health’ embodies the principle of nurturing life in all its diverse aspects: of the individual, society and the environment. Rooted in observing nature, Ayurveda serves us with a map for how to live using the language of nature as the tool to achieve health. The talk will illustrate how these ancient principles are contained within recent scientific discoveries, are successfully applied in clinical practice and supported by modern evidence based medicine.

1.00 Lunch

2.00 Ming Zhao Cheng, MD, PhD.:
The Gift of Chinese Herbal Medicine
Chinese medicine has been used for thousands of years and has been proven effective and safe. Chinese medicine has played a vital role in the development of the Chinese nation, and has greatly contributed to the health of the world. In the 21st century, new discoveries of cures from Chinese medicine will further enhance Chinese medicine's status in the world's healthcare.

3.00 Herbal Tea Break

3.30 Mingji Cuomu, PhD:
Buddhism and Tibetan medicine
As with many other medical traditions, Tibetan medicine has a cultural basis and has developed as an integral part of Tibetan culture. There are five disciplines: the science of mind or Buddhist philosophy, the science of healing or medicine, literature, logic and creation. Among them, the science of mind known as Buddhism, and Tibetan medicine, examine the nature and patterns of human life and health with the focus on psychological and physical factors respectively. Both aim to discover the dynamic principle of life.

4.30-5.00 Discussion forum

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The Oxford Campaign to Protect Herbal Medicine.
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